Do E Cigarettes Really Work?

Do E Cigarettes Really Work?

Critics of electronic cigarettes often claim that people who use them are just substituting one addiction for another. This is simply not accurate. Both e-cigs and tobacco share one thing in common – nicotine. No matter which way you chose to ingest this highly addictive substance, that is the root reason why so many people struggle to quit for good. This being said, electronic cigarettes are increasingly popular in medical communities who appreciate that while not perfect they are a far superior alternative to cigarettes. Most importantly, they can provide an essential stepping stone to eventually quitting altogether.

Why E-cigs Are The Best Quitting Aid

Vaping is as close to smoking as anyone can get with only a fraction of the health risks. In 2014 smoking was directly attributed to over 80 000 deaths in the UK. To date, not a single death has been exclusively caused by vaping. While there remain some health questions regarding vaping, the consensus is that it is a far better alternative to smoking.

People determined to eventually quit their nicotine habit do find that vaping has serious advantages over other nicotine replacement aids. Perhaps the most important factor is that e-liquids are available in a variety of strengths – meaning that people can start on a high dose (recommended for former smokers) and slowly reduce strength over time. The timescale is up to the individual but done gradually it is a tried and tested method of quitting.

There are also practical advantages. Vaping produces next to no residual odour, does not stain fingertips or lead to blackened lungs. Combine this with is costing a fraction of the amount expected from a tobacco habit and it is a no-brainer that it is far better than cigarettes! Perhaps best of all is that vaping feels very similar to smoking – there is that throat hit which so many former smokers miss so much, as well as a universe of different flavours to explore. Plenty of vapers choose to enjoy e-liquids that taste nothing like dirty old tobacco!

Sure they may not be totally perfect but it makes a big difference selecting a quality manufacturer. Plenty of cheap e-cigs are perfectly adequate but deliver a fraction of the performance compared to devices which may only be a little more expensive. It is best to not compromise on e-liquid quality either. Natural, organic and world-class liquids are easily found – use these ahead of mass-produced imports with shadier ingredients.

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